Sunday, December 30, 2012

Talkler By Talkler Labs iPhone Review

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Talkler is an iPhone app using your voice to scroll through your emails, read your emails aloud, as well as reply by speaking. I'll make it real simple for you, if the fact that Siri can not read your emails bothers you, then you'll love this app. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what a frequent traveler on the road needs to safely manage their email, and Talkler Labs has put those needs into their iPhone app.

When you first begin, it's easy to add an email account like gmail and yahoo, but I'm sure it's up to your employer if you can access their email server. Once you are set up, take a quick walk through, and you are ready to go. You should see a magnified list of your emails to scroll through like your normal iPhone email inbox, and I suggest you start by clicking the Talkler Tips light bulb. Scroll through the numerous things you can ask Talkler to do with your emails, as well as some very useful touch features. I guess you'd like to start reading emails now, so go ahead and hold your home button like Siri. Just kidding! I wouldn't review an app that boring, instead put your hands behind your back and say "HEY TALKLER!" Without touch, you can now ask Talkler to do whatever it is you need to do.

The best feature is once Talkler starts reading your email. In a large font teleprompter format, you'll hear your email read in a better than Siri voice, that follows whatever is on your screen. What that means for you is you can simply scroll forward or backward to whatever you would like read again, or see if your friend really just wrote "badunkadunk". No more triple click VoiceOver or highlight to speak, just tell Talkler what to do, and chances are it'll do it!

Here are just a few of the one's I like to ask following "HEY TALKLER!": "check for new mail", "read unread messages", "trash this one", "record a reply", "speak slower", "what was that?", and my favorite, "Help Me!" We all speak in different ways, so you can change any of the above commands to something else like, instead of "what was that?", you can say "could you repeat that?", or "I didn't get that." Without having to list every phrase, you get the picture that the command list is plentiful. With "record a reply", you can record a voice response that sends an mp3 file to open. That way, if you need to respond quickly, you don't have to worry about grammar or inflection. Like any voice activation, I've repeated some commands that must think I'm saying something else, but maybe I just need to try and say it another way.

The touch features are very useful, and you shouldn't have to look at your phone to use them. On top of easily going back or forward, you can touch your email to pause/resume, pinch your fingers to delete an email, swipe left to see your next email, or right to see the previous. Talkler is free to use, but they do have a monthly or yearly fee if you want to remove ads, but that's completely up to you. Whether you are blind, can't see like you used to, or are constantly checking your email while driving, Talkler is a must try!

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Reality Of Gunsanity

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I ask that you take a short break from reading our iPhone app reviews, to think about the extremely important issue of gun control.

There are so many debates and articles flooding the web on those who support stronger gun laws, and those who want their 2nd Amendment gun freedom. You don't know who makes a valid point, or if what you are reading is even the truth. So to take a little different perspective, I thought we could just relax for a minute, and imagine these tragic situations with armed citizens.

The most recent murder of 20 children and 6 teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary has hit us all so hard. The fact that a human being could gun down so many helpless children, none of us will ever comprehend. As I read and expressed my own sorrow on Facebook, I quickly learned how naive I was. What started as a few thumbs up, ended with a comparison to 22 Chinese children being stabbed, BUT STILL ALIVE! Then I read other posts about us "gun control liberals" and how if teachers were armed, the children may have been saved. Those statements are why I want you as the readers to forget about who's right or wrong, and imagine what really happens in real life situations that could someday impact you.

Let's pretend a law was put in place last year to arm teachers if they take a course and are cleared mentally. For those who think we'll just arm the young body building teachers, something like 76% of them are women, and 56% are over 40. Fifty-five year old Mrs. Pegi Jones decided she would take the course, and the school would install a combination safe compartment to keep her gun. December 17, 2012 comes around, and it's a normal morning at school. Suddenly there are loud popping noises, and Mrs. Jones class jumps up and asks what is happening. All of a sudden one of the children yells out, "there's someone in the hall with a gun!" Never expecting she would ever need to flip that combination, Mrs. Jones quickly gets her gun, and tells the children to get down as she runs out of the room. Not knowing what to expect, she see's children frantically running in the hallway, and the gunman trying to break into another classroom. She starts to panic and fires 3 shots at the gunman. One of the shots whizzes by the shooter hitting a student in the leg, one hits the shooter in the thigh, and the other hits him in his bullet proof vest. The shooter screams out with rage, shoots Mrs. Jones, and unloads his weapons through the classroom window and hallway. The shooter is bleeding from his leg, but his adrenaline and anger easily takes him over to Mrs. Jones, and fires a bullet into her head. The shooter hears Mrs. Jones students screaming, and walks into her classroom. Without saying a word, he fires at the crying children, and shoots himself. When it was all over, 8 adults died, and 32 children.

Some of you are saying, "all you did was just make up a lame fictional short story and kill off some more people!" I won't disagree with you, but tell me how this story could possibly end up with a happier ending? Tell me a story about how if five movie watchers were packing the night of the Aurora Movie Shooting, they would have changed the outcome? Are you going to tell me how one of these men is a dark room sharp shooter, and with one bullet hits James Holmes right through his mask? Again, my guess is that short story ends up with James Holmes killing 50, and movie goers with guns killing 4.

So why is an iPhone App blogger diving into this topic? It's very simple, the belief that more guns is the answer is only going to lead to someone close to me ending up a statistic. I am not interested in going backwards in time to be a cowboy, or overtaking our government. People like John Lott are only going to cause more gun deaths in the United States. People like Piers Morgan are only trying to stop people from being slaughtered with assault rifles, and he's twitter slaughtered for it. I am not an expert on guns, and have never fired one. I understand the reasoning, and I have no problem keeping a gun in your home to protect your beautiful family. I won't even disagree that some murders wouldn't have happened, if the killer knew there were guns where they were going. If we could have security guards at every school like Wayne LaPierre VP for the NRA is proposing, that would be awesome! If you can get that done sir somehow, I am all for it, but that addresses nothing with gun control. It was clear after hearing LaPierre speak, and then again on Meet The Press, that the NRA will not budge on reducing clip size, or anything having to do with their precious guns. Lets be honest people, we are all crazy in our own ways, and any one of us has the potential to make a split second mistake during rush hour traffic. You have got to understand, for those of us who don't own guns, it's hard for us to just sit back and say,"evil people do evil things, and guns are not the problem." Would Adam Lanza have killed those children if his mother didn't take him to the shooting range and have three guns in her house, we'll probably never know. What we do know is that the United States has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world, and 60% of homicides in the U.S. come from guns. I'm pretty sure with all the gun control talk, we just went from 1st, to 1st with a commanding lead! We can toss gun violence graphs in other countries back and forth, but none of that will change people like me. We fought over the Presidential Election with our different views, but even if you lost, your family moved on and lived. There is only one view in my mind regarding guns, and that is to make sure I never have to feel the pain we have all watched and felt through these tragedies.

The worst part of this debate, is I can't get these friggin NRA ads off my post! Thanks for reading, and god bless!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Twiddler By EM Games iPhone Review

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There are game genres we all choose to stay away from, for me some are endless runner games, mazes, and growing crap! Twiddler fits in the labyrinth/maze category, but it was intriguing enough to keep me playing. Imagine you have a glass lens in your hand you can rotate with ease, and you're looking into a maze filled world. Twiddler feels very realistic almost as if you forget it's just a screen, well, until you're rudely interrupted by someone calling. You begin each level rolling and balancing your ball rotating clockwise or counterclockwise, and grab as many stars as you can on the way to the end portal. Your heart will be thumping, so be sure to take a break in crevices to avoid enemies and obstacles like barbed wire and ugly creatures.

All that hard work squashed after grabbing a bunch of stars? You could take the easy way out skipping most of the stars, but that's not going to unlock the next level for you, so man up! Twiddler does work through the Game Center, so you will be able to challenge your friends scores and achievements if you so choose. Lets be honest here, that's about all I can tell you because this game is tough, for patient people, and I haven't unlocked many levels yet! Hopefully you'll have better luck than me, because Twiddler currently has a rust, nature, and space world, with 5 levels each(15 total). If you're into the labyrinth category, I think you'll love Twiddler, if not, I still think you'll appreciate the realistic feel to this game.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Panic Flight By Bulkypix iPhone Review

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I have to admit, I've been in an iPhone app coma the past few months, and the negative election just made things worse. Now things are picking up, and Panic Flight has come my way to wake me up. Flawlessly draw your finger around the screen to direct your plane in this side scrolling flying game. You ever play a game where you say, "this game would be awesome if they would just add this or that feature?" As you play Panic Flight, you quickly see it's not lacking features like everyone's favorite grabbing coins, turbo boosts, cloud exploding shock waves, and even turn into a mini plane to navigate easier. Sounds fun except there are plenty of obstacles while flying your passengers to safety.

Fly freely around the skies, but you must find fuel for your plane, and dive around dark clouds and tornadoes, or pay the price of getting stuck and losing fuel. Speaking of clouds, a neat trick if you graze past them, is you'll speed up if you want to risk it, or grab a shockwave and explode the clouds. What keeps Panic Flight filled with office bathroom stall excitement, is the online game-center achievements and score challenges. Not enough? Reach goals that pop up like flying a certain distance, or grabbing a certain number of coins to keep you playing. Like many other games, you can buy coins or tally enough coins to purchase/unlock 21 missions, 10 planes, as well as multiple plane upgrades. The bad is it's a bit buggy and slow at times, but with a few updates it should be fine. Bulkypix has a slew of games in the App Store, and Panic Flight is a great one to add to the list.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

MarleeSigns By MEDL Mobile iPhone Review

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Everyone loves the beautiful and talented Marlee Matlin, so who better to begin learning Sign Language (ASL) from? MarleeSigns is a beginners app to learn to spell and memorize useful words in Sign Language. You'll be able to easily navigate through smooth, crystal clear video of Marlee showing you how to spell from A to Z, and learn to sign words and phrases like "thank you", "how are you", and "have a nice day"!
My favorite tool in MarleeSigns is the spell feature, which enables you to spell any word you want twelve letters or less. Just simply type a word into the search, and you'll see Marlee's hand sign your word back to you, with a karaoke letter by letter feature. Missed a sign? No problem, just swipe to see the previous letter signed. You can even switch hands in the picture if you're left handed, or hide your word and show a full screen sign. Okay maybe I lied, the true best feature of MarleeSigns is the fact it's free! So many iPhone apps are free these days, and I think it's pretty amazing to have the ability to learn a very important language, from the most famous deaf woman since Helen Keller for no charge. The last feature of Marlee Signs does involve money, but that is completely up to you if you so choose. There are currently five different lesson packs from Marlee, if you want to take your Sign Language skills to the next level for a $1.99 each. Overall, you really can't ask for more from a beautifully created app. If you're looking to learn Sign Language (ASL), there's no reason why you shouldn't give MarleeSigns a try.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Friday, October 5, 2012

5 Free Presidential Election iPhone Apps

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Being that it's election time and our lives are engulfed with Mitt Romney and Barack Obama news, I thought it was time for a list of 5 Presidential Election 2012 iPhone apps for free. I've included one serious news app, and the rest are for fun and entertainment.

Presidents Run

Endless runner side scrolling game, where you play as characters like Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. Collect votes and jump over goats and protesters. As you run, you need to reach goals like go a certain distance, jump over 5 protesters, or collect a certain number of electroboots. Spend your votes on dressing up your president, or buy a head start or speed boost.

iMorph US Presidents

Take pictures of yourself or your friends faces, and watch it morph into presidents past and present. The app lets you line up your eyes, nose, and mouth for accuracy, and the game is guessing the president before the picture fully morphs. Play against your friends to see who can guess the fastest, or maybe you need to use the hint option.


You've probably all ready heard of Vote!!! by the makers of Infinity Blade. If not, you fight as 3D Romney or Obama, and beat your opponent with weapons like a microphone or a hot dog on a stick. Choose from different locations like The White House Lawn or Oval Office, and dress your nominee up with some funny accessories. The graphics are great, the touch controls work as you'd want, and Obama and Romney even yap campaign slogans.

Angry Politicians

I really didn't want to add this one to my list because it's a knock off and very basic. The fact is, it kept me entertained for a bit, so maybe it'll do the same for you. If you're an Angry Birds fan and don't mind knockoffs, then have some fun slinging Romney, Santorum, and other Republicans to knock down towers of Obama, Biden, and other Democrats. As you knock down Harry Reid, he'll turn Republican red. If you haven't picked up on it yet, this is a Republican tailored app. No worries Democrats, you still get to sling Michele Bachmann up in the air, and who doesn't want to do that?

Election 2012

Figured as my last presidential app choice, I'd pick a serious one. Election 2012 is an up to date app with news and videos, so you can stay up to date on what Romney and Obama are up to. It's important that we don't fall for negative campaign ads by the Democrats and Republicans, and this crisp app makes it easy for you to know what information you need before casting your vote for the next President.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the apps and what you thought of them, leave us a comment below!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prince of Balls By IKKI Arts iPhone Review

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This is a critical time to stay occupied while we listen to crazy talk during the Obama vs. Romney Presidential Race. So as you're watching the news wanting to pull your hair out and the moron speaking, just relax and slide open your iPhone. Prince of Balls is a new side scrolling game, where the object is to jump the least amount of times grabbing stars, coins, and other hidden treasures on your way to the finish line to find your princess. Your character is an orange ball prince with a crown, that can only jump left or right based on where you touch the screen. Your strategy through each level is to jump the correct height and angle depending on touch, to collect all the stars, coins, and hidden gifts, without wasting a jump. Jump wrong and you'll hit one of the obstacles or enemies and die. On the topic of dying, be sure to grab fruit, and cross the checkpoints before you run out of energy.
I chose to review Prince of Balls because there's a lot of iPhone games out with the same sort of features, but it's the golf score lowest amount of jumps, that gives it the WuzAPPenin originality thumbs up! Some neat features are gravity potions to float and magnetize to everything in your way, spring off of mushrooms, or even watch out for the slippery mud. You can download Prince of Balls Free, pay for 50 more levels, or even pay more for Prince of Balls HD, which in my opinion is pushing it. Whichever version you choose is up to you, but either way you're sure to have a new fun game at your fingertips.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mole Kart 2 Evolution By Taomee Entertainment iPhone Review

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Well, I reviewed Mole Kart 1 awhile back, and I'm much more excited about Mole Kart 2 Evolution! It's real simple, if you sit on your couch with friends and play Mario Kart Wii, you're going to love how great Mole Kart 2 is on your little iPhone to get your fix. Let's not quote me people, it is just a phone, so I'm not saying it's like playing with a Wii steering wheel. I said it last time, in my opinion the kart needs to be bigger in proportion to the size of your screen. This time around in Mole Kart 2 Evolution, the characters and karts are bigger, and they've even added a drift button to slide around turns.
As you race past fiery dragons, slide through arrowed speed boosts and jumps, be sure to grab coins and question marks. Oh yeah, sometimes I forget not everyone has played Mario Kart. You grab question marks in the road which gives you the ability to speed boost, toss bombs, and even the Mario Kart shrinking lighting. You can shake the iPhone when you are flying over jumps to go faster, and grab coins to spend on characters, tracks, and tune ups. There's a story mode with 58 stages where you'll need to beat certain times, grab a certain amount of coins to earn stars and tracks, or just play in Quick Race mode. I said in my first review, "Mole Kart will be a really fun iPhone game with a few good updates", and Mole Kart 2 Evolution has done that.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

FatMole By RoomLabDev iPhone Review

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WARNING! When you are done playing this game, your body may feel like it's trying to gravitate towards objects around you. In FatMole, you tilt as deep as you can into the underground caves, by grabbing diamonds, power ups, and avoiding creatures spread around the screen. If you don't grab a diamond in time, you'll bungee back up the hole, and you won't find your stolen lunch from Tonny the evil mole! The graphics are worthy, and you can fall through levels like volcanoes, icebergs, and oceans filled with dragons and aliens.
You can spend your earned diamonds in the store on things like putting on a Mariachi suit, or put on wings to help you while you play. Struggling a bit?Spend diamonds on weights to help you drop quicker, or put on some
gloves to grab everything around you. The best part of FatMole is that you can challenge your friends on Facebook and set your own rules! You can do things like set the depth, and race to that point, play with creatures and boosts or without them, and even grab the diamonds before your buddy. RoomLabDev clearly understands, if people are going to keep their app, you have to have multiple ways to play, and you get that with FatMole FREE, or FatMole without ads or having to buy levels with diamonds.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vote!!! By Chair Entertainment Group iPhone Review

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Vote!!! iPhone is really one of those iPhone games that doesn't need a review. I didn't say stop reading! What I meant was, you are cartoon Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, and you fight each other with different goofy weapons you can buy. That's the game. I decided to review Vote!!! iPhone because the real point of the app is to get people to vote. Even though this is an educational app for the 2012 Presidential Election, the game is actually pretty entertaining. Some of the features you'll like are, Obama and Romney are constantly yapping catch phrases, you can fight on the the Whitehouse Lawn, Oval Office, or Debate Stage, and buy goofy costumes to dress the next president in.
You could get bored pretty quick fighting the same fight with the same two people. What keeps Vote!!! iPhone entertaining is the funny disguises and goofy weapons, like a hot dog on a stick, ice cream, or whack 'em with the Constitution. Whether you like beating up the candidates or not, again the whole purpose of the app is to get people to Vote!!!, and provides you with some information and links. Millions will be playing without a doubt, and so far you can clearly see Barack Obama is destroying Mitt Romney in percentage points. What do you expect when you have people like Todd Akin, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity on your side. We'll see what happens come November, but for now, in game world Obama seems to be the winner in Vote!!!.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Mikey Shorts By BeaverTap Games iPhone Review

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If you've read WuzAPPenin reviews before, you know I love me some Super Mario type feel games. Mikey Shorts is without a doubt the best one I have found so far in the platform game category, and the controls are spectacular. You are Mikey, and your job is to rescue people that have been turned into statues. Touch "every" statue, grab coins, jump on moving platforms, and kill or avoid harmless in your way robots through 72 levels of fun! Yes I did quote "every" statue because you have to fill up the bar, or you can't bust through the gates to slowly get Mikey's memory back.

A few fun features with Mikey Shorts are spending your coins on disguises, find the hidden golden shorts in every level, and race your ghost to beat your best time. There is also online achievements and scores, and in options you can even move the controls wherever you please. The good or bad with Mikey Shorts, depending on how you look at it, is nothing other than falling to your death is going to kill you, as the real point is to find the fastest routes to get the oh so famous three stars. As you try to beat the fastest times on the leader-board, you'll find yourself restarting levels until you've lost all feeling in your hand. I even have Mikey Shorts to thank for entertaining me instead of throwing my TV controller at Sean Hannity! This is the first iPhone app for BeaverTap Games, and with more updates to come, Mikey Shorts will keep you entertained for hours.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jackrabbit Sunshine By Studio MFB iPhone Review

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Jackrabbit Sunshine is a great game for endless runner fanatics. I myself am tired of endless runner games swiping and sliding to a point I'll never get past, like those of us who have tried to dunk without success. Don't get me wrong, the graphics are amazing for this category of iPhone game, but everyone has their preferences. What brought me to review Jackrabbit Sunshine is the controls are a tad different than normal endless runner games, there is an end, and it gives you more of a get lost in an Alice in Wonderland mushroom adventure world. Instead of having to swipe around 90 degree angle cliffs, you simply move your finger to the left and right to steer your jackrabbit, and swipe up to hop fences.

The storyline is you are a jackrabbit who hops through a mushroom forest filled with flowers to collect and rack up multiplier points, and mushrooms in your way to slow you down. The point of the Jackrabbit Sunshine is to see how far you can get before the sun sets, which you actually see happening in the sky above. When the moon and fireflies come out, the game is over, so eat carrots for speed boosts, and grab sunflowers to turn back time to catch a few extra sun rays. This is the first iPhone app for Studio MFB, and what a way to start! The developer Matt Baranowski has made it clear that this is just the beginning of the Jackrabbit Sunshine adventure, and I can't wait to see that red update in the app store soon.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mega Run - Redford's Adventure By Get Set Games iPhone Review

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By now you must be familiar with games like Mega Jump or something similar. I have to be honest, the north moving games just are not for me, i'm an east and west gamer. Well, the good news is now you can play with Get Set Games graphics with forward moving Mega Run. Play as seven different characters through beautiful landscapes, and collect coins, gems, stars, and power ups. In your way of 64 levels are monsters you can hop on to kill, cliffs to jump over, walls to bust through, and plenty of other trinkets to keep you happy.
As you travel non stop through each level, you can level up to unlock and spend coins on accessories to freeze enemies, fly over obstacles,change characters, supersize your character, and a ton more. Every object catches your eye and does something different, like the bounce you back totem statues. The point is to grab everything you can without stopping, but I kind of wish there was an option to be able to move as you please. Either way, if you enjoyed games like Mega Jump, you'll definitely love Mega Run - Redford's Adventure.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Riptide GP By Vector Unit iPhone Review

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I rarely ever download racing games because the controls just never feel right for me, no matter how incredible the graphics are. Well, for some reason I must have been in a FREE downloading mood that day, and I came across Riptide GP. Choose from different jet skis, and race through choppy river waters that bring you right into the screen. [WARNING: DON'T PLAY IN THE RAIN STANDING BY YOURSELF] I decided to review Riptide GP mainly because you can swipe your fingers in different directions to perform tricks off jumps. Who wants to wait for the big yellow jumps? See a nice wave, do a trick off that as well! If you land a trick, you can hit the boost and hit warp speed for a few seconds.
The rest of the game has the same features as other racing games, where you can unlock crafts and new races. The menus are very user friendly for your option to choose from Race, Hot Lap, or Championship. You can change the controls, but I like the default tilt your screen to turn, and touch the left side to brake. Riptide GP is really a fun racing game if you want to get your feet wet for a bit. Also, if you use the word "y'all", or maybe "jeet?" to ask a question when hungry, try Shine Runner!

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

SplitApple By MKO Games iPhone Review

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Since archery was one of the most watched sports of the 2012 Summer Olympics, I figured it was time to find a solid iPhone game to give you your bullseye fix. I've downloaded a slew of archery iPhone games, and the only one that met most of my expectations was SplitApple. The graphics resemble a 3D painting as you stare down the bullseye, surrounded by swaying trees and city neighborhoods in the backdrop. To fire your arrow, all you have to do is slide your finger down the button to zoom in, move your iPhone around to aim, and let go. What keeps the game realistic and challenging, is you can choose different wind directions, change the target distance, and even change to moving targets. Feeling confident, see if you can slice apples in half hanging from the trees to get bonus points. I even love the accent when the game say's "spleet apple", or "bools eye".
You'll keep this app for awhile as you can compare your scores on the leaderboard, and choose from five different playing options. PRACTICE before you embarrass yourself on the leaderboard, CHALLENGE switches up distance and targets, shoot fast in TIME TRIALS if you're flight attendant said "please turn off all electronic devices", SURVIVAL, miss the target and lose an arrow, hit a bull or apple, gain arrows. Finally there's POP UP where you aim at random targets that, you guessed it, pop up. Don't like the direction you have to move your iPhone to aim? No problem, in options you can change that as well as change the bow side if you're left handed. I was hoping to find an Olympic archery game so I could nervously wait for the right moment to let go of the arrow as it sticks in the bullseye to beat Italy! SplitApple and its multiple price options including a free version, is not a brand new app to meet that Summer Olympic expectation, but it doesn't matter, because I've yet to find something better in its category!

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Athletics: Summer Sports By Tangram3D iPhone Review

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Don't even try to tell me you're not loving the Summer Olympics right now. I've been searching for a decent Olympic game app, and I finally found one in Athletics: Summer Sports. Take your country through 30 different events, and 5 competitions like triathlons and decathlons to compete for gold. The games 3D graphics are very good for the iPhone, and I love how many different sports you can play to keep you coming back. If you want to do things like swim, run, long jump, javelin, or row, you'll need to tap the screen repeatedly as fast as you can if you plan on winning a gold medal. Not so fast, if it's one of the longer races, you'll need to change your tapping pace to conserve energy just like Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin! Lets get inspired people, you think this is a joke? Get ready to sweat, give up, even cry, as you battle to beat real scores across the world!
Athletics: Summer Sports doesn't have every Olympic event, but with other sports like diving, fencing, archery, and pistol shooting, there are plenty of events to keep you playing and competing with friends on the leaderboard. You can even split the screen to get you and your lovers blood flowing! If I could add an update, different ways to touch the screen when playing an event would be better, and a difficulty option, as you better plan on losing unless you are a real fast tapping Olympian. Tangram3D has really taken their time with this app, and I hope with great reviews, we'll get more sports and features like the yellow world record line. If you're watching every minute of the Summer Olympics and looking to join in on the medals in the laziest way possible, well except for the finger exercises, Athletics: Summer Sports is the app for you.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Timmy - feat. The Insulting Monkey By Innovation Dreams AB iPhone Review

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Timmy is one of those apps that seems to have slipped under the radar for awhile now. The developer quotes that it's similar to Angry Birds in the description, so those of you who hate apps that are similar to blockbuster games like Angry Birds and Mario, slowly hit the back button. The game plays very similar to Angry Birds, except you're are a tank, and you need to blow up the Insulting Monkey. If you're are gun shooting app lover, it's nice to be able to use different weapons like missiles, grenades, and sticky bombs. While choosing the correct velocity and angle, you need to blow up the Insulting Monkey and his Banana Warriors!
To keep the screen filled with some physics, you have your usual blocks and walls you can knock down as well. This game isn't too shabby, and I like that the Innovation Dreams AB developer started out with no programming experience, and just picked up a book. Gives me a little hope that someday I can learn too! So if you enjoyed Angry Birds but would like some explosions, check out Timmy - feat. The Insulting Monkey. How could you not download something from a developer who also has a Yo Momma Jokes app!

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Catapult King By Chillingo iPhone Review

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Catapult King immediately caught my eye because of the amazing 3-D graphics. Take Angry Birds, inject it with steroids, and add some knights, castles, dragons, and a princess to rescue. You're behind a catapult staring out at a beautiful green scenery of box castles and nose picking little knights to knock down with cannonballs. The sound and realistic controls as you stretch back on your catapult are perfect.
You can stretch any direction, slide the camera view around your fantasy world to hit a pesky knight in the family jewels, and even change the angle of your catapult. As you get through 64 different levels, you can win cannonballs like Earth Shock, Lunar Strike, and enchant your catapult to really do some damage. If your an app junky like me, you have definitely come across a Chillingo iPhone game. I really enjoy every feature there is to offer, and just writing about Catapult King makes me want to play. In fact, I'm outta here!

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CarTunes Music Player By Ryan Oksenhorn iPhone Review

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I had to do a review on CarTunes Music Player because it's going to be on my iPhone until it dies. Forget your Music iPhone app and swipe, flick, and pinch to your iPod songs. The interface is beautiful, and the multiple screen touches do what they are supposed to. Are you ready for your instructions, don't zone out on me just yet? While listening to a song, slide up with one finger to see your music category lists, or tap to pause and play. Flick left or right to go to the next or previous song, and hold your swipe to fast forward or rewind. You can pinch to see the album, pinch again to see the artist, and even slide down to tweet.
I saved the best feature for last, since many of us have broken volume controls, or a who the heck made this case, and where do my fingers fit! Simply hold and slide up or down with one finger to colorfully increase or decrease the volume. It's always funny to me when an app is better than the app that comes with your iPhone. I guess we wouldn't have apps like CarTunes Music Player otherwise, so good news for us. CarTunes gets a Summer Olympics Gold Medal in my book, well except without the sweat. It could be a little higher than you normally pay for an app like this depending if it's on sale or not, but either way, it's a good one!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Score! By First Touch Games iPhone Review

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If you enjoy a good iPhone soccer aka football game, Score! Is the app for you. It's not a full season play as Ronaldo and win the Championship, it's not even a flick the ball and kick penalty or free kicks. Score! is a soccer game where you recreate memorable goals from the past, off plays like free kicks and corner kicks. Instead of flicking or touching a button, you draw your path to the goal on the screen. Sound easy? The control and accuracy of where you draw your path is spot on, not to mention the graphics are nothing to complain about. So if you draw your pass just a tad off, the defender will steal the ball.
You have a button to view the correct path to draw for help, move the camera around the screen to see who's in your way, and bend passes around defenders before one touching it pass the goalie. Score! will keep you busy with 420 levels,140 memorable goals, and different difficulty modes to keep it interesting. I could review a 100 soccer apps, but if you've read other WuzAPPenin reviews, you know something needs to be original, and Score is a must download.

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