Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vote!!! By Chair Entertainment Group iPhone Review

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Vote!!! iPhone is really one of those iPhone games that doesn't need a review. I didn't say stop reading! What I meant was, you are cartoon Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, and you fight each other with different goofy weapons you can buy. That's the game. I decided to review Vote!!! iPhone because the real point of the app is to get people to vote. Even though this is an educational app for the 2012 Presidential Election, the game is actually pretty entertaining. Some of the features you'll like are, Obama and Romney are constantly yapping catch phrases, you can fight on the the Whitehouse Lawn, Oval Office, or Debate Stage, and buy goofy costumes to dress the next president in.
You could get bored pretty quick fighting the same fight with the same two people. What keeps Vote!!! iPhone entertaining is the funny disguises and goofy weapons, like a hot dog on a stick, ice cream, or whack 'em with the Constitution. Whether you like beating up the candidates or not, again the whole purpose of the app is to get people to Vote!!!, and provides you with some information and links. Millions will be playing without a doubt, and so far you can clearly see Barack Obama is destroying Mitt Romney in percentage points. What do you expect when you have people like Todd Akin, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity on your side. We'll see what happens come November, but for now, in game world Obama seems to be the winner in Vote!!!.

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