Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Panic Flight By Bulkypix iPhone Review

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I have to admit, I've been in an iPhone app coma the past few months, and the negative election just made things worse. Now things are picking up, and Panic Flight has come my way to wake me up. Flawlessly draw your finger around the screen to direct your plane in this side scrolling flying game. You ever play a game where you say, "this game would be awesome if they would just add this or that feature?" As you play Panic Flight, you quickly see it's not lacking features like everyone's favorite grabbing coins, turbo boosts, cloud exploding shock waves, and even turn into a mini plane to navigate easier. Sounds fun except there are plenty of obstacles while flying your passengers to safety.

Fly freely around the skies, but you must find fuel for your plane, and dive around dark clouds and tornadoes, or pay the price of getting stuck and losing fuel. Speaking of clouds, a neat trick if you graze past them, is you'll speed up if you want to risk it, or grab a shockwave and explode the clouds. What keeps Panic Flight filled with office bathroom stall excitement, is the online game-center achievements and score challenges. Not enough? Reach goals that pop up like flying a certain distance, or grabbing a certain number of coins to keep you playing. Like many other games, you can buy coins or tally enough coins to purchase/unlock 21 missions, 10 planes, as well as multiple plane upgrades. The bad is it's a bit buggy and slow at times, but with a few updates it should be fine. Bulkypix has a slew of games in the App Store, and Panic Flight is a great one to add to the list.

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