Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Timmy - feat. The Insulting Monkey By Innovation Dreams AB iPhone Review

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Timmy is one of those apps that seems to have slipped under the radar for awhile now. The developer quotes that it's similar to Angry Birds in the description, so those of you who hate apps that are similar to blockbuster games like Angry Birds and Mario, slowly hit the back button. The game plays very similar to Angry Birds, except you're are a tank, and you need to blow up the Insulting Monkey. If you're are gun shooting app lover, it's nice to be able to use different weapons like missiles, grenades, and sticky bombs. While choosing the correct velocity and angle, you need to blow up the Insulting Monkey and his Banana Warriors!
To keep the screen filled with some physics, you have your usual blocks and walls you can knock down as well. This game isn't too shabby, and I like that the Innovation Dreams AB developer started out with no programming experience, and just picked up a book. Gives me a little hope that someday I can learn too! So if you enjoyed Angry Birds but would like some explosions, check out Timmy - feat. The Insulting Monkey. How could you not download something from a developer who also has a Yo Momma Jokes app!

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