Thursday, August 9, 2012

Riptide GP By Vector Unit iPhone Review

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I rarely ever download racing games because the controls just never feel right for me, no matter how incredible the graphics are. Well, for some reason I must have been in a FREE downloading mood that day, and I came across Riptide GP. Choose from different jet skis, and race through choppy river waters that bring you right into the screen. [WARNING: DON'T PLAY IN THE RAIN STANDING BY YOURSELF] I decided to review Riptide GP mainly because you can swipe your fingers in different directions to perform tricks off jumps. Who wants to wait for the big yellow jumps? See a nice wave, do a trick off that as well! If you land a trick, you can hit the boost and hit warp speed for a few seconds.
The rest of the game has the same features as other racing games, where you can unlock crafts and new races. The menus are very user friendly for your option to choose from Race, Hot Lap, or Championship. You can change the controls, but I like the default tilt your screen to turn, and touch the left side to brake. Riptide GP is really a fun racing game if you want to get your feet wet for a bit. Also, if you use the word "y'all", or maybe "jeet?" to ask a question when hungry, try Shine Runner!

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