Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jackrabbit Sunshine By Studio MFB iPhone Review

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Jackrabbit Sunshine is a great game for endless runner fanatics. I myself am tired of endless runner games swiping and sliding to a point I'll never get past, like those of us who have tried to dunk without success. Don't get me wrong, the graphics are amazing for this category of iPhone game, but everyone has their preferences. What brought me to review Jackrabbit Sunshine is the controls are a tad different than normal endless runner games, there is an end, and it gives you more of a get lost in an Alice in Wonderland mushroom adventure world. Instead of having to swipe around 90 degree angle cliffs, you simply move your finger to the left and right to steer your jackrabbit, and swipe up to hop fences.

The storyline is you are a jackrabbit who hops through a mushroom forest filled with flowers to collect and rack up multiplier points, and mushrooms in your way to slow you down. The point of the Jackrabbit Sunshine is to see how far you can get before the sun sets, which you actually see happening in the sky above. When the moon and fireflies come out, the game is over, so eat carrots for speed boosts, and grab sunflowers to turn back time to catch a few extra sun rays. This is the first iPhone app for Studio MFB, and what a way to start! The developer Matt Baranowski has made it clear that this is just the beginning of the Jackrabbit Sunshine adventure, and I can't wait to see that red update in the app store soon.

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