Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Score! By First Touch Games iPhone Review

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If you enjoy a good iPhone soccer aka football game, Score! Is the app for you. It's not a full season play as Ronaldo and win the Championship, it's not even a flick the ball and kick penalty or free kicks. Score! is a soccer game where you recreate memorable goals from the past, off plays like free kicks and corner kicks. Instead of flicking or touching a button, you draw your path to the goal on the screen. Sound easy? The control and accuracy of where you draw your path is spot on, not to mention the graphics are nothing to complain about. So if you draw your pass just a tad off, the defender will steal the ball.
You have a button to view the correct path to draw for help, move the camera around the screen to see who's in your way, and bend passes around defenders before one touching it pass the goalie. Score! will keep you busy with 420 levels,140 memorable goals, and different difficulty modes to keep it interesting. I could review a 100 soccer apps, but if you've read other WuzAPPenin reviews, you know something needs to be original, and Score is a must download.

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