Friday, July 13, 2012

Amazing Alex by Rovio Entertainment LTD iPhone Review

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If you’re into physics games, you’ll love Amazing Alex by the makers of Angry Birds. Your goal is to hit all three stars on each level, by moving the toy objects in Alex's bedroom to create a chain reaction, while getting his toys in the basket. Depending on the board, to reach all three stars, you use a soccer ball, pop a balloon, knock over books, and many more toys to get the job done. The game starts off easy tutorial style, and shows you exactly what to do, but as you get past a few boards, get ready to use your brain!

Currently there are 100 levels to unlock, and the neat thing is you also will have the ability to build your own levels using 35 objects, and share the levels you created with your friends and vice versa. Just like Angry Birds, you will love the cartoonish colorful graphics, as well as a glitch free game to keep you from pulling your hair out. Rovio doesn’t need any marketing, because if you haven’t played one of their games by now, you’ve been living under a rock, or I guess don’t own a smart phone! If physics games are up your alley, Amazing Alex is a must download.

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