Monday, July 9, 2012

3D Sound Illusions By DevelopmentSquared iPhone Review

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First let me start off by saying there are multiple versions of this iPhone app with different names and companies. Pretty confusing to me, so I will try to keep up with whatever version is free. I'd probably make sure someone else is in the room first before you try 3D Sound Illusions, as you could go insane! The intent of this iPhone app is for you to put your headphones on, close your eyes, and listen to different voices and sounds as if they were right next to you. There are a few different clips to listen to, and when I tell you at some points I had to take my (bottom of the line apple) headphones off because it was so realistic, i'm not lying!

What really caught my eye, was the lightbulb in my head that said, "what if I could listen to a TV show or movie with these sounds?" What if instead of staring at a TV screen, I layback on the couch relaxing with my eyes closed, listening to George run by screaming, "I was in the pool!"? My favorites so far are Virtual Haircut and Fireworks, and hopefully if they get enough downloads, we will get some more updates soon! The name 3D Sound Illusions is perfect, because this iPhone app is like watching a 3D movie, but with sounds.

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