Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prince of Balls By IKKI Arts iPhone Review

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This is a critical time to stay occupied while we listen to crazy talk during the Obama vs. Romney Presidential Race. So as you're watching the news wanting to pull your hair out and the moron speaking, just relax and slide open your iPhone. Prince of Balls is a new side scrolling game, where the object is to jump the least amount of times grabbing stars, coins, and other hidden treasures on your way to the finish line to find your princess. Your character is an orange ball prince with a crown, that can only jump left or right based on where you touch the screen. Your strategy through each level is to jump the correct height and angle depending on touch, to collect all the stars, coins, and hidden gifts, without wasting a jump. Jump wrong and you'll hit one of the obstacles or enemies and die. On the topic of dying, be sure to grab fruit, and cross the checkpoints before you run out of energy.
I chose to review Prince of Balls because there's a lot of iPhone games out with the same sort of features, but it's the golf score lowest amount of jumps, that gives it the WuzAPPenin originality thumbs up! Some neat features are gravity potions to float and magnetize to everything in your way, spring off of mushrooms, or even watch out for the slippery mud. You can download Prince of Balls Free, pay for 50 more levels, or even pay more for Prince of Balls HD, which in my opinion is pushing it. Whichever version you choose is up to you, but either way you're sure to have a new fun game at your fingertips.

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