Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mikey Shorts By BeaverTap Games iPhone Review

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If you've read WuzAPPenin reviews before, you know I love me some Super Mario type feel games. Mikey Shorts is without a doubt the best one I have found so far in the platform game category, and the controls are spectacular. You are Mikey, and your job is to rescue people that have been turned into statues. Touch "every" statue, grab coins, jump on moving platforms, and kill or avoid harmless in your way robots through 72 levels of fun! Yes I did quote "every" statue because you have to fill up the bar, or you can't bust through the gates to slowly get Mikey's memory back.

A few fun features with Mikey Shorts are spending your coins on disguises, find the hidden golden shorts in every level, and race your ghost to beat your best time. There is also online achievements and scores, and in options you can even move the controls wherever you please. The good or bad with Mikey Shorts, depending on how you look at it, is nothing other than falling to your death is going to kill you, as the real point is to find the fastest routes to get the oh so famous three stars. As you try to beat the fastest times on the leader-board, you'll find yourself restarting levels until you've lost all feeling in your hand. I even have Mikey Shorts to thank for entertaining me instead of throwing my TV controller at Sean Hannity! This is the first iPhone app for BeaverTap Games, and with more updates to come, Mikey Shorts will keep you entertained for hours.

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  1. Best controls I've used in an App so far; very user friendly. The skinny? Hours of time-passing fun!