Friday, July 27, 2012

Catapult King By Chillingo iPhone Review

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Catapult King immediately caught my eye because of the amazing 3-D graphics. Take Angry Birds, inject it with steroids, and add some knights, castles, dragons, and a princess to rescue. You're behind a catapult staring out at a beautiful green scenery of box castles and nose picking little knights to knock down with cannonballs. The sound and realistic controls as you stretch back on your catapult are perfect.
You can stretch any direction, slide the camera view around your fantasy world to hit a pesky knight in the family jewels, and even change the angle of your catapult. As you get through 64 different levels, you can win cannonballs like Earth Shock, Lunar Strike, and enchant your catapult to really do some damage. If your an app junky like me, you have definitely come across a Chillingo iPhone game. I really enjoy every feature there is to offer, and just writing about Catapult King makes me want to play. In fact, I'm outta here!

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