Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mole Kart By Taomee Entertainment iPhone Review

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I seem to have this problem trying to find anything close to anything Super Mario, and Mole Kart is just that, the closest iPhone app I've seen to Mario Kart. Half the iphone users seem to have a problem with ripping off Mario type games, but to make an analogy, i'm pretty sure most singers and actors were influenced and inspired by other singers and actors, so "Wuz" the difference! To get the bad out of the way, the Kart is much too small. The graphics are as good as you could ask for in an iPhone app, but it's not as exciting with a Kart that's at least half the size it should be. Past that and the fact the size makes it a little more difficult to control and miss the items in the road, Mole Kart is an app I could see getting better and better.
They all ready have a new version coming later this summer. You've got your usual pick up items off the track, and what ever it turns up as you can use to slow down your opponents. For instance toss the banana peel and bombs, speed boosts, lightning, and many others that are listed in the apps glossary. I also like how you can shake the iPhone when you are going over a jump to go faster, just like you can do with the Wii remote if you've played Mario Kart. You have three play options: item mode, speed mode, and multiplayer local bluetooth or wifi. So if you love Mario Kart like most of us do, I'd stay on top of these developers, as Mole Kart is, and will be a really fun iPhone app game with a few good updates.

We would love to hear if you downloaded the app and what you thought of it, leave us a comment below!


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